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Frequently Asked Questions About the Phillip Roy, Inc.'s
Educational Materials

An American Family Owned Business Since 1985

General - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We need materials that our students want to study. Can they relate to your materials? 
A: Our materials contain information that students want and need to know. They are presented in an easy to understand, interesting format.

Your students will also relate to the multimedia materials because of the illustrations and voices.

Q: Are your materials easy for teachers to use and students to learn? 
A: All our materials come with teacher's guides, lesson plans, activity sheets, and other support materials. The books have an easy to read print size.

Q: What do you mean by duplicatable or networkable? 
A: Our products can be duplicated or networked at the purchasing school or site. This is an individual license per site. It is not a license to be used in more than one site.

Q: What if the staff needs additional help in learning how to use the materials? 
A: If additional support is needed, workshops are available either by conference call or in person. Service is available from 9-5 Monday - Friday EST.

Q: Do your materials meet the needs of a range of comprehension levels?

A: Our materials range from 1st. - 9th. grade in comprehension levels but in subject areas they range from preschool through adult and independent living.

We have materials for students at a preschool level so parents/teachers can help them learn basic concepts such as colors, shapes, etc.

We have materials for students in pre-vocational programs, sheltered workshops, and competitive employment.

Q: Can students in different learning environments and/or settings relate to your materials? 
A: As you review the range of our topics and the structure of our materials this question is answered as yes. They are self-directed; students can teach themselves.

Q: Do your materials include a multi-sensory approach? 
A: Our materials include illustrations, audio, and many practical experiences, such as taking bus trips, going to a bank, interviewing for a job, and completing money orders.

Q: How do your materials provide for accountability? 
A: All of our materials come with free pre/post tests, skill sheets, and/or assessment tools.

Q: Can we use your materials in group settings, independent study, with mentors, and with peer tutors? 
A: Yes.

Q: What if there is a question? 
A: Our 800 service line is open 9-5 Monday - Friday EST and we can also provide additional help by appointment. For example, you may want a conference call for staff development. There is no charge for this call.

We do not have voice mail. All phones are answered by staff.
We also have e-mail, fax and regular mail support available.

This is all FREE from our USA based office. 

Q: Our students have low self-esteem. How can these materials help them? 
A: Your student's self-esteem will improve because they will succeed. They will be empowered by their new knowledge - and as Dr. Ruth says, "Knowledge is Power."

Q: Our students do not have computers at home. How can what they have learned in the lesson be reinforced? 
A: Additional books for every title are available. These books can be used at home.

Q: Who developed these programs?
A: All of the materials are research-based, and include proven-effective best practices.
These programs were developed by school districts, universities, and educators throughout the world.

We personally at Phillip Roy, Inc. wrote the teacher's guides, lesson plans, pre/post assessments and other support materials to ensure that the materials were all user friendly.

Q: Who else is using these materials? 
A: Because the materials are duplicatable, thousands of schools and organizations have and are using these materials.

On our website we also have reviews and research findings.

Q: Can we preview materials before purchasing? 
A: We encourage you to preview any materials you wish.

Q: Who teaches/coaches the students?
A: You are responsible for your students.

Q: What will it cost to start my class?
A: Phillip Roy, Inc. requires a one-time payment of $275.00 to register your class.

Q: What does this fee include?
A: This fee includes all of the materials listed above and unlimited student enrolled.

Q: How many students do I need to start?
A: You can enroll any number of students you wish. You need only pay Phillip Roy, Inc. $275.00.

Q: What is the student fee?
A: This is your class. You determine the student fee. Your only requirement is to pay Phillip Roy, Inc. $275.00.

Q: Do you have books that also teach this curriculum?
A: Phillip Roy, Inc. has digital books that accompany the online lessons. The digital books are not necessary, but they are available at a low price.

Q: How long will it take a student to complete the course?
A: It will depend on the time the student puts into the study, as well as the student’s background, interest and ability. It also depends on any additional assignments you may want to give to the student.

Q: How will this course benefit my students?
A: It will help them live happy, productive lives in their family and community.

Q: How do I register and start my school?
A: After you pay your registration fee of $275.00, Phillip Roy, Inc. will send you all the information and supplies you will need.

Q: How is this blended education?
A: We provide you with teacher's guides and lesson plans. By using the guidelines we provide, students and teachers can interact as the students master the lessons.

Q: Who operates the class?
You are an independent operator of your own class.

Duplicatable Digital Curriculum Materials
- Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does digital curriculum materials mean?
We are offering all of our books in duplicatable digital format which means you and your students will be able to view all of our materials on your computers, interactive whiteboards, smartphones, tablets, online, and other electronic/ digital devices.

Q: How many copies can I make?
A: You can make unlimited copies of the digital books on CD-ROMs at the purchasing site but at no other sites.

Q: What if we have a number of locations/sites?
You can purchase a cost effective license for all of your locations/sites.

Q: What are some of the things I can do with digital books?
The following are examples of some of the things you can do when you purchase Phillip Roy, Inc. - COST-EFFECTIVE, duplicatable, digital curriculum:

  • You can download, save and read the duplicatable, digital book.
  • You can print all or parts of the duplicatable, digital book.
  • You can download and save the duplicatable, digital book on different computers so the duplicatable, digital book can be read on "all" the computers.
  • You can project the duplicatable, digital book on to an interactive whiteboard.
  • You can send the duplicatable, digital book as an email attachment.
  • You can read the duplicatable, digital book as an email attachment.
  • You can download the duplicatable, digital book to be read on tablets, smartphones, computers, Kindles, I-pads and/or other electronic devices.

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